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20 April, 2010

Homemade Tomato Salsa

Well we  planted our garden yesterday. That just gets me in the mood for some of my Homemade Salsa Recipe. Last year I found a good base recipe online and I have been tweaking it ever since. This brought me to the conclusion that  salsa is a recipe of ones individual taste. That means you start with a good base and add flavors you like. Experiment, because that is what will make it your family favorite.

Some of the ingredients that I have changed, added or substituted are simply a  matter of taste.  For instance, I substituted lemon juice for lime.  When at all possible I use fresh, not from a jar. I love the taste of a sweet vadalia onion  and Roma tomatoes so I use those whenever possible. I am not a person who likes the challenge of eating the most hot foods to the point  I appear to be having an allergy attack.  However, the right amount of addicting heat  to keep me eating is just right. I use a jalapeño along with some red pepper flakes. Most salsas don't have olive oil but I add a small amount because I like the texture.

So whether you like tomatillos or red tomatoes, then go for it.  Find a good base and run with it.  Referring to my post on growing your own herbs, how much better will your salsa taste using jalapeño or cilantro picked fresh from your herb garden? Make it your recipe.

Summer harvest, here I come!

Suggestions: Salsa is delicious fresh or good after flavors marry for a day. Serve as a dip. Serve it over grilled fish with Mexican Rice. Enjoy it with or on your foods. Cut back on calories and use baked chips.

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