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23 August, 2010

Hidden Treasures ‘Pick Your Own’

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I titled this first of several posts "hidden treasures" because they are every where, you just have to seek them out. I discovered this hidden treasure close to where I live. It is a "pick your own" blueberry farm. You may think that "pick your own" doesn't sound like a treasure but I really enjoy the experience of it. Mary Mac Berry Farm doesn't spray their bushes so you can eat while you pick. Part of the treasure is the blueberries cost $1.50 per pound, yes per pound.

Once you bring home your berries and get your fill of fresh blueberries, just put them in a freezer bag, without washing, and freeze. Then you can grab what you need when you need them. I immediately made blueberry turnovers and blueberry pancake syrup. This leads me to sharing some of these recipes with you. Fortunately, it doesn't just stop there. Enjoying fresh blueberries is healthy and can be added in simple everyday foods such as cereal or in a yogert parfait. Another refereshng summer treat is making a berry banana smoothie. However, my family's favorite is French toast with fresh blueberries swimming in warm maple syrup.
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  • Ellen

    Yum! I am going to have to take our boys. They LOVE blueberries! This sounds like so much fun and how wonderful that they don’t spray their bushes!

  • Tommie Quilty

    Great article! htrurtye

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