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12 April, 2010

Good Habits are Easy to Grow

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Herb GardenIt is a good habit to cook and experiment with fresh herbs. When I am trying a recipe and it calls for a fresh herb, I love having it within reach. I have come to find that I usually like recipes with many of the same fresh herbs so I like to have my own home grown herb garden. Herbs are actually easy and fun to grow. You can buy herbs ready for transplanting in the spring like the rest of the vegetables. You can even buy kits and grow them inside during the winter. I was given a herb garden for Christmas so started it before spring to get a head start. Don't wait for your grocery shopping day to make a recipe. Have what you need right in your very own garden.

Some recipes call for dried herbs for a reason which is usually so the herb or seasoning doesn't steal all the flavor, but complement. More times than not, when something calls for a fresh herb, it is because that is what will make it magnifico! I like to make my own marinara to have at any given time and it always taste better after the seasoning has married. Try this Homemade Marinara Recipe with fresh parsely. Let me know what you think and good luck on the good habit of growing your very own herb garden.

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